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The Vision Plan 6030 offers coverage for eye exams, frames and lenses.
You may use any licensed vision provider or choose from over 60,000 participating providers nationwide including Wal-Mart, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, J.C. Penney, For Eyes Optical, Hour Eyes and Target Optical, along with independent optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians.1,2
When vision care is received and expenses incurred, payments will be made in accordance with the list of benefits and services in the Coverage Schedule that will be sent to you with your membership card. 
coverage for exams, frames and lenses, lasik discounts, and access to a leading national network.

Online member resource that shows helpful provider information including how many frames are available at each participating location under the member's plan allowance.

While Dominion offers access to a leading national network through National Vision Administrators (NVA), members may choose to go outside the network using any licensed vision provider. Please refer to the coverage schedule, which will outline coverage if a non-participating provider is utilized.

VISION benefits include

EYE EXAMS: Covered 100% after a $10 copay. 
EYEGLASS LENSES: Covered 100% after a $10 copay per pair. Lens options purchased from a participating provider will be provided to the member at a fixed price (does not apply to Wal-Mart locations). Please refer to the coverage schedule for specific pricing.
FRAMES: Any frame up to a retail price of $120. The member is responsible for frame costs exceeding $120, less a 30% discount.
CONTACT LENSES3: Any pair of contact lenses up to a retail price of $100 (member cannot have eyeglass lenses and contact lenses covered under the plan in the same 12-month period). The member is responsible for contact lens costs exceeding $100, less a 25% discount. A mail order discount program is also available by ordering online through Contact Fill at or toll-free at 866.234.1393.
LASIK: Members will receive a 15% discount off of standard prices or a 5% discount off of promotional prices.


Please be sure to select "Dominion National" under the "Select Group/Sponsor" dropdown menu.

1 Dominion National Internal Performance Report, November 2017. Participating providers are subject to change.
2 All other brand names, product names or trademarks belongs to their respective holders.
3 Instead of glasses.